Resin Crafters or Liquid acrylic casting

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is there anyone here that does resin crafting?

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    Do you know of a resin that is safe for drinking containers?
    • I've used enviro-tex resin for a few projects, and it is FUN! I would like to make some larger projects (like a covered coffee table!), but I wonder about yellowing with age. Any info? All I've done so far are some lovely bottle cap pendants, and the like. Coasters would be fun too.
      • i loooove casting resin. I've done a bookshelf and have been working on a coffee table (well, I've been looking at it after I started) for about 2 years :) The only thing I hate is how toxic it is! And the enviro-tex stuff is way too expensive on large projects.. I haven't noticed any yellowing after this long.. but ask me in 5 years! :) I just love the way it looks. I experimented with wax and this stuff not realizing it gets hot while you pore it on and melts the wax, so I'd say stay away from the wax-unless that's the look you're going for! I think you could pretty much do anything with this stuff.. but wear a mask :) have fun!
        • pour it on... :)
          • Has anyone used resin to create a nice super-shiney coat over paintings?
            Most laquar is natural resin and it's debatable as to apply a layer anyways, but I am simply not good enough yet for anyone to care if my work survives (for a long long time anyways). I asked a guy recently and he said he just pours a clear resin 50-50 over top. It would seem to me that it would crack, but I have never done this. I have done laquer before, but this made it look like a glass encasing. plus you could paint overtop that layer and get something really interesting. Than again I have never done any of this--tell me what you thinks!
            • I use Envirotex a lot and can say it's some of the best stuff out there. A friend uses it on her paintings and to coat skateboards that she does paintings on. I use it mainly for tables that I've built. I've got a few that are 10+ years and no signs of yellowing at all.
  • I haven't done any yet, but I have it in mind to start. The local craft store that carried it went out of business, so I think either Michaels or maybe Dick Blick would be a good place to get some. I can get it at work (JoAnn's) as well, so I will see which is more cost effective. I want to make paper weights, have tons of ideas. My stepdad used to make them in high school, so he is going to give me some pointers when I get started.

    I would love to see what others have made using this has toxic fumes though, so please use precautions when using it. Proper ventilation and all that!

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